Find your L/L coordinates in life

It is the ogham name of the hazel tree that is considered a container of ancient knowledge,symbolizing creativity,purity and honesty [Ogham is an early medieval alphabet used primarily to write the early Irish language] The hazel’s unusual branch formations make it a delight to ponder,bringing people into other worlds of delightful fantasy.
COLL visions an atmosphere for all art forms and creative energy to generate new ideas, to build a hidden art oasis in the urban city. It would be a common ground between creative individuals who follow their intuition,and whom want to make collaboration through artistic or imaginative thoughts. The space would be a crossover platform for art, gallery and atelier. It would also be a guest studio/ residency to invite artists and all manner of creative people for a space away, to explore and create cutting-edge projects.
A conceptual environment that accepts no limits.


LINE : ID justdoit532